06-07-2010 Velehrad 2010
Velehrad 2010 event took place on July 4th - 5th. Activities focused on environment were held on Sunday, where ecology organizations presented their activities - especially consultancy in environmental protection, with program for kids and their parents. Company Purum Ltd. was a partner of this event.

06-07-2010 Rally Bohemia
RALLY BOHEMIA is an international motor racing, which is history dates back to 1974. Company Purum Ltd. is an V.I.P. partner of this years XXXVII. annual volume. This years race begun on July 1st with technical inspection and ceremonial launch. Speed trials proceeded on July 3dt and 4th.

24-05-2010 Winedresser 2010
Company Purum Ltd. is this years partner of well known wine competition in the Czech Republic - Winedresser of the year. Competition "Winedresser of year 2010" will be held on July 15th - 30th. Winners ceremony and other supporting activities will take place on August 19th. Further details on www.vinarroku.cz.

05-05-2010 Caveman - theatre performance
Company Purum ltd. invites our business partners on social-cultural event, theatre performance Caveman in Palace theatre - Jiri Grosmanns passage. Further information about this play can be found on www.caveman.cz. Performance will take place on May 6th 2010. We wish you pleasant experience.

12-04-2010 Andel awards 2009
Company Purum Ltd. became general partner of 19th annual volume of Czech Grammy music awards - awards of Czech popmusic academy, Andel 2009. Winners ceremony will be held on April 17th 2010 in Prague. Further information on www.cenyandel.cz.

31-03-2010 Ocko music awards
Short video of this event held on February 25th can be seen here.

01-03-2010 Ocko Music awards
On the February 25th 2010 took place 7th annual volume of TV Ocko Music awards, with Purum as a General Partner. Purum has presented civil association TEREZA with 50 000,-Kc during this occasion.. Music event was broadcasted live on TV Ocko, Prima Cool and Kiss radio. Spectators voted by SMS as a women singer - Aneta Langerova, man singer - Tomas Klus, band - Chinaski and the others awarded where: Nightwork for their video Global warming, Tereza Kerndlova, Sammer Issa, Mandrage and as a newcomer of the year David Deyl. We would like to thank to everyone attending Key signature of the evening held in Incheba Arena in Prague is posted here.

17-02-2010 Association TEREZA
Company Purum Ltd. has become partner of civil association TEREZA and will present it with 50 000,-Kc on the occasion of Ocko Music Awards. TEREZA is a civil association which is aim is to develop ecologically educated society. This Association is organizing workshops and tutorials for kids and students of basic and secondary schools in the Czech Republic. More information can be found on www.terezanet.cz

18-01-2010 24H DUBAI 2010
Company Purum Ltd. sponsored rally team K&K Racing with racing car BMW 130i, which has started on the 5th annual volume of Dunlop 24H Dubai in the middle of January. Race did not go on without collisions, none the less team K&K Racing, with driver´s: Marcel Kusin, Petr Valek, Petr Fulin and Stepan Ladik has finished 3th in their category A4 - up to 3000 cm3 for the second time here in Dubai.
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